Friday, 30 November 2012


This is your month and certainly after the 11th many of you will be feeling in very good form, particularly as your ability to communicate what you really want and need to say will be enhanced and received well.

After the 16th, if born after December 11th, the power of love is touching your life and generosity of spirit favours you. It is also true that the period leading up to Christmas, many of you will be working very hard to ensure that your finances are in order and as they should be.

After the 26th if born up to November 27th, intellectual insight and persuasive argument is yours and you can achieve a lot through assertive and constructive communications.

Of course, Jupiter now is in your opposite sign of Gemini, bringing a certain amount of extravagance and a sense of well being particularly vis-√†-vis other people who are very generous towards you and who are on your side. This is particularly noticeable now for those born November 28th to December 5th. Expansion and celebration are in the air  but don’t give in to needless expenditure or overconfidence.

Also for those born around November 25th to 27th, Uranus is bringing an exciting desire for your future growth. You are restless for innovation and new experiences and to be awakened creatively, and romance calls in a more adventurous direction. Your intuition now should be listened to.

However if born around November 22nd/23rd, be wary that you are still in a time of confusion, fog and uncertainty.  Separate fact from fantasy; get rest and avoid damaging, gratuitous escapism.

The new moon in your sign on the 13th points to those born around December 21st feeling then a kind of renewal of energy and a focus on a determined goal

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