Friday, 9 November 2012

It is a time for creativity and extrovert enjoyment of life, although the flow may not be so smooth from the 6th to 26th when Mercury backtracks. Double-check all communications.

After the 22nd all born up to July 4th are gifted with extra charisma, magnetism, charm and creative skills, and after the 17th if born up to July 3rd watch your back as there are people who are prepared to challenge and trip you up. Relationships are challenging.

Saturn in Scorpio now is harmonising with the energies of those born June 24th to 30th. He is bringing a measured, cautious approach to your being and giving a seriousness and mature attitude towards relationships and indeed to offspring.

However those born June 25th to 28th also have Uranus creating a desire for excitement and adventure and you are on the edge of your seat and a bit addicted to adrenaline. Don’t be impulsive, or do anything that is irreversible, but know it is time for some modification and change in life to liberate you. Also those born on the last two days of June are suffering from some ongoing challenge from an authority figure or rather dark force out there. Don’t sink to their level; draw boundaries with dignity.

Meanwhile if born around June 23rd enjoy the blessings of Neptune as he inspires on a very high level of consciousness but which involves your soul and your heart, creatively and in terms of altruism and compassion.

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