Friday, 30 November 2012


There is much activity from Mercury and Venus in your sign before the 16th creating then for all born after November 3rd, a period enhanced by your charms, the love of others and creative gifts, and Cupid casts his spells.

Before the 11th, all born after November 11th have an accelerated mind and a huge desire for communication, which is successfully convincing to others. Many of you after the 11th will be putting emphasis, charm and persuasive skills into accruing financial security, and before the 26th with Mars in Capricorn, many born after November 2nd will have then a forcefulness about your writing and speaking that is constructive, convincing, focused and mature.

However, when the month draws to a close after the 26th you will need to tread carefully if born October 24th to 29th as there will be people with whom you share house room who will be less than pleased and may find your controlling behaviour, if not reigned in, difficult to handle.

Saturn, the teacher in your sign now brings to you all at some point over this next 2½ years some challenges.  Now those affected are born October 29th to November 3rd. For this group, not only is it a time to keep a respectful eye on your body, but also recognise the limitations of your power. This is a grown-up time when facts have to be faced and the realisation that sometimes there is no gain without pain, and restrictions are there for a reason.

However by contrast, if born at the very beginning of Scorpio, around October 24th/25th, Neptune is sharing his magic with you. This rare contact is bringing idealism, fantasy, emotional empathy, and sensitivity and extreme creativity to your door. Enjoy!

Pluto, your ruling planet, is now very rarely and incisively empowering those born November 1st/2nd. He brings great intellectual insight and power to your communications. You get heard.

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