Friday, 30 November 2012


Capricorns often feel that Xmas is a time when they want to hunker down and be rather private. It is a time of review and a spiritual retreat. However with Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, which is your sociable house, up to the 11th and 16th respectively, you will find that you are a little torn between privacy and sociability.

Certainly before the 16th all born after January 1st will have plenty of opportunities for the joys of friendship and collective gatherings of celebration, and before the 11th if born after January 9th, your voice can be heard effectively by friends and in a group leadership situation. You will all, as Xmas nears, have some hunger for the retreat that the period can offer.

Mars in your sign before the 26th activates all born in January, to achieve what privately needs doing. You are forces to be reckoned with and proactive to achieve, likely connected to home and family issues. Make sure your drive doesn’t shift into control freakery.

Saturn in Scorpio is a constructive, disciplining influence on those born December 28th to January 2nd. Demanding friends impose their needs on you and it’s a time to be grown-up.

If born around December 26th to 28th Uranus brings insecure uncertainties, maybe on the domestic front. Make no rash decisions. This is a fluctuating journey, not an arrival.

Pluto is still sitting on the Suns of those born December 29th to January 1st. For this groups this is a huge fated every 248-year baptism of your potential power. Do not misuse it or cut corners and know you are the agent, not owner of the power.

The full Moon falls on the 7th degree of Cancer on the 28th, a date when those born around December 30th may feel that others bring a few uncomfortable facts to your door which may be a shock to you and indeed to them.

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