Friday, 9 November 2012


Some retreat is needed this month. Many of you need to review your past and behind-the-scenes activities are significant. If born between the 6th and 26th you mat feel paralysed by an inability to move forward as you would wish. A retreat for many of you would be advisable.

However before the 17th for those born after December 8th, Mars in your first house will demand that you assert self in some way, but anger can be the result as frustration builds.

If born December 3rd to 9th Jupiter is at least bringing bonuses from other people who have your best interests at heart. People from other cultures and who are wise can illuminate your life and good news re partners can bring blessings. Travel too is very much on the cards as it so often is.

If born November 26th to 28th life is full of a need for change, innovation and rejuvenation romantically. Be confident about your own uniqueness.

Meanwhile, for this born around November 22nd/23rd, be wise that there smoke and mirror effects around you and all is not real. Your perceptions are wobbly and others may be not totally up front and you are lacking in certainty of identity. Hang on in there, as this is a valuable, if confusing transition.

Lunar energy on the 28th affects those born around November 30th. This could be a time when truths are told, facts are faced and relationships have to accommodate these.

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