Friday, 9 November 2012


 by Leigh Oswald

The big U.S. election day of the 6th does on balance seem to favour Obama, but it will be a nail-biter. The Moon in Leo favours his Leo descendant in terms of public support, and the US chart in general has a rather conservative feel planetary wise at that time, suggesting a sticking with the status quo.

Mercury moves retrograde from Sagittarius on the 6th, moving back into Scorpio on the 14th, then finally moves direct on the 26th. Therefore between the 6th and 26th there will be the inevitable hiccups, delays, confusions and of course it is no coincidence that the presidential election on the 6th may therefore suffer from some uncertainties and count confusions. Indeed it may indeed not be until after the 26th that total clarity is achieved.  Many things in our personal lives and globally, will be put on hold during that period, ultimately for good purpose.

Saturn is now established in Scorpio (there for two and a half years) and the Sun is now in Scorpio until the 21st. Mercury is also there between the 14th and 26th and Venus too, from the 22nd, so this is not a month for the faint-hearted. Important truths are revealed and the dark is uncovered. Scandals are rife and it is no cosmic coincidence that Jimmy Savile, the late, shamed TV personality has Saturn, the lord of karma, now sitting right on his Scorpio Venus and next month it will exactly conjoin his Scorpio sun. These visitations from Saturn only occur every 30 years. Even posthumously, it seems the planets haunt us and bring their message.

The dark will be revealed and prices will be paid. Not least related to sexual and economic scandals (Scorpio).  Burlusconi, the ex Italian president, has just been found guilty of tax evasion and he too has just had Saturn sitting on his Venus (once every 30 years)

Saturn in Scorpio does not do half measures, and that will be reflected in extremism, whether that be socio-political, or in extreme climate conditions, that will (as much of the East coast of the U.S. can now bear testimony to,) now increasingly dog the planet.

The arts are favoured after the 22nd when Venus is in Libra.

Mars very much activates the American chart before the 17th. Thereafter, from Capricorn, a getting down to business with a strong work ethic is underlined globally. The 27th is a significant day when Mars conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn and which can be quite explosive for England, which is a Capricorn country (as is Afghanistan and India) and the establishment in general, and with revelations that are pretty uncomfortable. The 23rd is a day of risk when Mars squares to Uranus and shocks are in the ether.

However, interestingly, there are two eclipses in the month. There is a total solar eclipse on the 13th at the 22nd degree of Scorpio and an annular lunar eclipse on the 28th at the 7th degree of Gemini. The eclipse of the 13th can act as a cleansing that is necessary for a clear-out so that a new start can be initiated, whereas the lunar eclipse of the 28th suggests a tricky time when dark forces can erupt on the planet and the power of the unconscious dominates the conscious and very difficult endings of chapters are in the air.

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