Friday, 30 November 2012


Friends are as important as your family to you and this month is no exception. After the 11th you will be very much in demand and romance is very much on the cards for all born up to February 8th, notably after the 16th when friends particularly open doors for you.

However, because Mars is in your 12th house until the 26th, it is possible that many of you will run the risk of brooding. This is a time if you are feeling cross to get it out healthily and not exercise passive aggression or passive resistance.

After the 26th when Mars moves into your sign, those born up to January 25th will feel a real rush of energy and drive. Make this constructive rather than angry.

Jupiter from Gemini is very much favouring all born January 27th to February 2nd. For this group there is a real desire to celebrate Christmas in true party spirit. You are pro life, proactive, optimistic and creative. However this same group will need these qualities because Saturn is also, notably if born January 26th to 31st squaring your Sun, which could bring some stress from work or authority figures. There is definitely a block, a restriction and a feeling of having to face some difficult facts. This is a time of doing what is necessary.

Uranus is smiling on your sign if born around February 2nd to 4th. Your ruling planet is enticing you to become more true to your authentic being, more maverick, experimental, more, independent and seeking a better future and your intellect is allowing you to see the way forward and a bigger picture and one that involves more freedom and innovation.. This is a time when belief in yourself excludes the need for approval of others. Your intuition guides you well, but listen to it carefully. It is also a time when you desire to fight for the liberties of others, not just yourself. Enjoy !

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