Friday, 9 November 2012


November is a month when Aries need to get down and deep with some uncomfortable issues that maybe they would rather avoid, but it is necessary to face up to now. Also it is important to resolve complex financial issues, particularly joint ones, and between the 6th and 26th there could be much uncertainty in that area, and the cheque will not be in the post.

Before the 22nd all Aries born after March 24th have an opportunity to embrace a bit of Cupid’s magic and others are bringing love and charm into your life; and before the 17th all born after April 6th may have planes, boats and trains very much part of their life and energy put into academia will be powerful. After the 17th, all born up to the end of March have to seriously focus with great discipline on profession.

Meanwhile if born April 1st to 7th you have Jupiter bringing an extra helping of wisdom, insight and communication skill, so exploit, and travel can also be very progressive.

If born March 24th to 27th, hang on to your hat as change is in the air and you can do nothing about it but go with the flow, hang loose and know that it is ultimately innovative. But if born March 27th to 30th, beware those who would engage in power struggles with you, and beware misuse of power on all levels, your own included. You could have a tiger by the tail.  Check motives

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