Friday, 30 November 2012


Despite the holiday season, you will be focusing very much on executing your work ambitions and able to do it well. However before the 16th there is also plenty of time for the desire and ability to indulge life, fun and romance, notably if born after July 2nd. Your creative font is also during that time at high capacity.

Before the 26th however Mars is in your opposite sign of Capricorn and if born after July 2nd this can drag up some people who are likely to pit their wits against you and who will be no pushovers. Your assertiveness towards others can also be problematic. Jupiter in your 12th house however is bringing a sort of psychological contentment.

If born June 27th to July 1st you have to be very mature, measured and grown up in your attitude towards children’s issues and romance. Loyalty and duty are priorities.

For those born around June 26th the element of the unexpected is in the air, particularly in profession, and your adrenaline levels are high.

If born around June 22nd/23rd enjoy the gift of Neptune inspiring you spiritually and creatively, and far off horizons can be very seductive, and your vulnerability to your emotions is accentuated.

However if born June 30th to July 2nd, Pluto is still haunting you, continuing the battle of wills that you may well be having with others. Coercion and power struggles are in the air and you have to keep squeaky clean. Draw boundaries and act with dignity, but know fate is in the air.

The full moon, your ruler, is in Cancer on the 28th and directly impacts those born around June 30th /July 1st. For this group there is a need to take note of eruptive feelings and events that are messengers.

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