Friday, 9 November 2012


It is relationships that figure largely in your life now. The power of others impacts you but between the 6th and 26th you may feel rather uncertain and wobbly when it comes to communications with others as they may not deliver the news you want to hear. After the 26th you can start to read from the same hymn sheet again.

Venus from the 22nd favours all born up to May 1st when it comes to love life and harmony, and popularity is yours, gained by your generosity. Before that date many of you will be building your charms in your professional sphere.

Before the 17th, focus on finances will benefit. After that date all born up to May 1st are also likely to be happy travelling or studying.

Those born April 22nd to 28th have Saturn testing you. Others are difficult, challenging and only you can decide if the challenge is one you need to acknowledge and step up to the plate to, or whether you are learning something that you need to act on to protect yourself.

If born April 27th to 30th, Pluto is empowering you, not only intellectually but also from overseas contacts. Step into your own potential.

Meanwhile, those born around April 21/22ndst are feeling the magic of Neptune creatively and will experience increased empathy, compassion and sensitivity. Your heart needs to be exposed.

The solar eclipse on the 13th directly impacts those born around May 13th. This will be a powerful new start potential in relationships.

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